DoodleMaker Honest Review – Colourful Doodle Video In Any Language Within Minutes Using Artificial Intelligence


Create Beautiful Colour Or Black&White Doodle Videos Without Technical Experience or Skills

We all know that video content is taking over the world. In this coronavirus situation, it is getting more and more important to businesses. Since they are forced to shut down, their only way of generating income is by going online. This has led to escalating online competition that requires them to find ways to set themselves apart from other and capture visitors’ attention.

It’s clear that video content is an effective way for businesses, however, not any random type of video works! There is an exceptional type of video that just hypnotizes visitors from the very first second – doodle video. They are effective when it comes to educate, sell, engage and inspire audiences worldwide.

However, creating doodle videos is extremely complicated as it involves graphics design, illustration, voice overs… There are many things to be taken into consideration and if you choose to outsource for video creator, make sure that you have done careful research because that does take lots of money!

What if you have a tool to help you take the shortcut to getting your own doodle videos without going through any struggle? That sounds like magic, right and actually, this magic does exist!

Let’s dive into my DoodleMaker review to find out how you can do that.

DoodleMaker Review – Product Review


CreatorPaul Ponna et al.
Launch Date2020-Sep-01
Launch Time15:00 EDT
Official websiteClick Here
Front-End Price$47 – $67
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses
SkillAll Levels
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee
NicheTools & Software
SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
RecommendHighly recommend!

What is DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is a web-based video creation software that uses intuitive artificial intelligence to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional doodle videos in over 30 languages within minutes. Unlike other obsolete predated Doodle Making app that only included one feature, DoodleMaker comes loaded with several never-seen-before ground breaking technologies packed into one.

Moreover, while using the commercial license included, you can sell the videos you create to clients for $300 to $500 each or offer Doodle Creation services to your clients for TOP DOLLAR!

If you are wondering what you can use Doodle Videos for, well, the possibilities are endless:


Excited yet? Let’s move on to the next part to see who is behind this amazing product!

About the Creator – Paul Ponna , Sid Diwar & Ali Chowdhry

Paul Ponna made DoodleMaker alongside with his partner Sid Diwar and Ali Chowdhry.

Paul Ponna is an online marketing expert, author, speaker and coach who helps businesses and people from all walks of life transform their revenue by strategizing and implementing the latest cutting edge tools and resources. Paul started his online venture when he was 16 years old with a starting capital of just $20 for a domain name and hosting account.

This was when he created news website in Canada that utilized breakthrough technologies in video compression and video marketing technologies for dial up internet users which accounted for majority of web users. He started his own software company at a very young age during university and first shared his internal software tools and technologies with the general public in 2007.

He is well-known for being an expert in product creation, product launch, outsourcing, technical troubleshooting, branding, online advertising, lead generation, sales generation, conversion tracking and analysis.

As a JVZoo Premium User, Paul Ponna has built a very successful internet business there with the notable products being Video App SuiteChatterPalVideo Dashboard, Video Builder, etc.

DoodleMaker Review – What Features Will You Get?

Let’s take a look at the main features of this product:

   ♦   300+ TEMPLATES

DoodleMaker comes loaded with over 300 Whiteboard, Blackboard and Glassboard Video Templates which are all in the hottest trending niches and industries.

The best thing is they comprises realistic human voice overs, effects and animations so they are ready to go!

You can customize these templates in any way you want whether for personal or commercial use!


This means DoodleMaker provides you with complete control over your doodle so you can customize it without any restriction. Thus, you can add a personal touche and enables you doodle to be unique whether it’s your own project or client’s project.



As I have mentioned before, DoodleMaker can help you to covert any video with voice and then the inbuilt AI translation engine will automatically generate a professional looking doodle video in over 30 languages on demand.

All you need to do is just upload your video or paste a Youtube URL and the magic will then happen in minutes! You will be able to create a brilliant doodle video while having to spend little effort!

In addition, this AI technology lets you use the pre populated human male or female voice overs or you can also use your own, too. DoodleMaker can convert your audio into over 100 voices in more than 30 languages on demand. This feature just maximize your doodle video exposure and reach global customers in no time for massive profits!


Apart from that, you will also have access to other amazing features inside:


The best thing about this product is it comes loaded with Commercial License allowing you to sell the videos you create to clients for a handsome amount of profits!


To help you deliver the best results with this software, the creator also provides you with many handy bonuses below:

DoodleMaker Review – How To Use This Product?

To start profiting by using Doodle Maker, you only need to carry out the super simple process consisting of 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Topic

In this step, you will need to have in mind an idea about what topic and what kind of video you want to make. You can make explaining ones for business or for teaching, or for some other reason.

Knowing what you want to do will save you so much time. I also want to suggest you to write on a paper the content or note you want to put inside of your videos. If you prepare your content carefully, your videos would be even more interesting.

Step 2: Choose Doodling Style and Start to Create Videos

After finishing the first step, it’s time to jump right into the action. You will need to create an account in order to use this platform.

You have 3 options:

+ Use a ready-made template:

Let’s pick a video style you want to make. Do you like to make videos with glass board videosblack board videos, or white board videos?

In one video, you can only pick one of those three video styles.

When you start the creating process, you are going to choose different templates from Doodle Maker. All of those templates can be used with just one click:

You choose the template, the characters, the objects, the animals, or any kinds of things you like and put them into your videos:

You can find those objects and characters by typing their names in the searching bars. This step will be super easy and you will not have to design anything.

+ Start from scratch:

As soon as you start with the new project by clicking “Start from Scratch”, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can start making doodle videos.

Here you can add a new project, create video, add audio and many more:

+ AI Video Translation Engine:

With this function you can transcribe your existing videos into a doodle video using text-to-text speech and AI:

Step 3: Polish Your Videos

After you are done with the steps above, you are basically successful with a simple video. If you wish to polish it or use the advanced features as I mentioned in the Feature section, you can click on their button and start to use it effortlessly.

You can do text-to-speech tools, AI translation tools, add watermarks, add music, and so many more interesting things to do. Make sure you do not skip those smart tools.

Step 4: Publish on Your Wished Platforms and Monetize

When you are finished with all the steps above, you are likely to have a pretty wonderful video. You can now download the video into your computer and publish it in your wished time.

Videos made with Doodle Maker can be posted in any platform that you choose, such as YouTube, Facebook, or your own websites. You also have the monetization rights using the stunning video made by Doodle Maker, and keep all the profits for yourself.

Here’s some Doodle Videos Below which were created effortlessly

For more details, you should check the demonstration video below:


DoodleMaker Review – Why Should You Buy This?


As you can see from my using instruction, there is no difficulty in getting started with DoodleMaker.

You just don’t need any designing skills, complicated software or hiring video designers and still become able to create a stunning and high-converting Doodle videos! If you are a complete newbie, there is no need to worry about using DoodleMaker!


Online users are now switching to consume video content more than any other type of content. However, it is not just any type of video will work! You need a type of video content that can truly captures visitors’ attention and motivates them to take action. Thus, DoodleMaker works perfectly as a conversions booster.

Especially, during this whole pandemic situation, it is important for you to create exceptional video content to set yourself apart from other businesses! Everyone has gone digital now and DoodleMaker will help you to gain your competitive advantages!


Of course, you can still get to create your own doodle videos but come to think about the learning curve when you want to create it on your own or the hefty fees you need to pay for video creator! DoodleMaker will eliminate those struggles for you enabling you to leapfrog to success!

In addition, it comes loaded with Commercial License so you can not only create doodle videos for your own projects but also create them for your clients’ project! There are many business owners who are willing to pay for your service if you take a look at the freelance websites!

I have to say that this is the most comprehensive doodle video creation tool that I’ve known! I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to successfully start off their doodle video creation service or boost their visual content!

DoodleMaker Review – Who Should Buy This Product?

Doodle is a great style that you should try using no matter who you are or what do you work for. Doodling has practical and powerful applications from easily explaining complex theories and equations to mapping business plans and strategies. However, I created a list of all the people who may need to purchase DoodleMaker the most:

    +    Content creators

    +    Affiliate marketers

    +    People with a day job

    +    Bloggers

    +    Online Businesses

    +    Teachers

    +    Digital marketers

    +    Coaches

    +    Parents

    +    Youtubers

    +    Freelancers

    +    Authors

    +    Newbies

    +    Entrepreneurs

DoodleMaker Review – Price and Evaluation

DoodleMaker FE:

The front end price of DoodleMaker is $47-$67. You only need to pay once and that’s it!

I know for this price, consideration is a must. However, from my review above, you have already seen that it’s totally worth it! Never have I seen such high-quality AI-empowered doodle video creation software which comes with such low price tag!

Just come to think about the fees you need to pay for hiring video creators, you’ll see for sure that DoodleMaker is clearly a bargain!

If you intend to sell your doodle videos to clients, well, the possibilities are endless especially during this pandemic! Doodle videos are the best way to educate, sell, engage, and inspire audiences worldwide. Your clients can be a personal trainer, educator, teacher, consultant or coach etc… It’s obvious that EVERYONE needs it!

Please put in mind that this price will soon increase so be sure to grab your chance quickly and maximize your profits soon!

Don’t hesitate because this is once in a lifetime opportunity. In case you are not satisfied with this product, you can always get a FULL refund within 30 days of your purchase. Therefore, you don’t need to take any risks!



Also, if you want to maximize the benefits from this product, please consider these upsells once you check out: 



   ♣   Whitelabel Unlimited: $497 one-time

   ♣   Whitelabel Agency – 50 accounts: $97 one-time

Let’s take a look at what you will get with this upgrade:

   [+]   Rebrand with your own logo and branding to make the app your own. (once in a lifetime opportunity)

   [+]   Unlimited Sub-accounts, sell as many copies as you like. 

   [+]   Set your own price. 

   [+]   Done-for-you VSL to sell the app as your own. 

   [+]   Done-for-you Sales Page – graphics and copywriting done to convert prospects into sales.   

   [+]   The creator team manages app hosting and software updates: Sell without hassles

   [+]   No monthly or yearly fees

>>>More Details<<<


This upgrade provides you with additional features that are worth thousands. With these outstanding features, you will be able to 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of other DoodleMaker customers!

   [+]   New templates Monthly For 1 Year (One-Time Price): Brand new customizable whiteboard, glassboard, and blackboard templates added to your account each month for 1 year (no monthly fees).

   [+]   Ready-Made Human Voice Overs For All New Templates (Male and Female): save money, no need to hire expensive voice artists.

   [+]   Ready Made Video Scripts Written By a Copywriter For All New Templates: (Modify as you like) Crafted to convert your prospects into sales!

   [+]   56 Additional Premium Text-To-Speech Voices In 29 languages

   [+]   Premium Royalty Free Music Files (for your doodle videos)

   [+]   Priority Video Rendering: Google Cloud Server (Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting in line)

   [+]   Priority Access To Future App Updates: Deluxe members get all the future feature updates first before other members so you can stay on the cutting edge without working about saturation or competition. 

>>>More Details<<<


With this upgrade, you are able to create Toon videos and maximize your results. If you have yet to know, the biggest fortune 500 companies use Toon videos to market their services.

They are the hottest video formats after doodle videos so it’s totally possible for you to sell each video for $300 to $500.

Here is what you are getting inside of this upgrade:

   [+]   Unlimited Text-to-Speech

   [+]   Create Unlimited Videos

   [+]   Unlimited Video Length

   [+]   Blank Canvas To Make Custom Videos

   [+]   100+ Animated Characters

   [+]   Eye Popping Character Animations

   [+]   HD Animated Backgrounds

   [+]   200+ Music Tracks

   [+]   Commercial License and more!

   [+]   Create Videos in ANY Language

   [+]   Desktop app works on both Windows & Mac!

   [+]   Install on 10 computers

>>>More Details<<<


ClientEngine software allows you to find top paying clients to sell videos, or any other service. This is perfect for anyone looking to sell their doodle videos made with DoodleMaker for top dollar. The software lets you search on the top 5 job sites from inside one platform. No need to visit multiple sites to find jobs and people looking for video creation services. 

   [+]   Unlimited Searches

   [+]   No Limits / No Monthly Fees / Unlimited Usage

   [+]   Find Unlimited Paying Clients – Sell videos or anything other service

   [+]   Search on Top 5 Job Sites – PeoplePerHour, Craigslist, Freelancer,

   [+]   Project4Hire and Guru

   [+]   Keep 100% of the profit.

   [+]   No monthly fees, pay once, use for lifetime. 

   [+]   Stop chasing clients, find them in minutes!

   [+]   No cold calling, no face-to-face meeting.

   [+]   Close BIG-TICKET deals online

>>>More Details<<<


DoodleMaker Review – Pros and Cons


    ♥    Newbie Friendly

    ♥    No Knowledge or Technical Skills Required

    ♥    Amazing Features

    ♥    One-time Price

    ♥    Access to a Library of Soundtracks

    ♥    Wide Range of Language available

    ♥    All-in-one app


    X    As far as I’m concerned, there is non.

DoodleMaker Review – Conclusion

I hope my DoodleMaker has given useful information for you. Please put in mind that this kind of product cannot be any cheaper. This product is a pearl of great price and I’m sure you don’t want to regret later for missing it.

Once again, I hope you can make a wise choice. Thank you for your reading my review!

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