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What is Viddyoze?

Viddyoze is a template-subscription online service, although these templates are available in a wide variety of categories. 

When it was launched in 2015, the primary goal was to help businesses, especially small ones, create videos without the hefty price tag of an animation or video marketing agency. 

The software was the brainchild of three people: David Chamberlain, Joey Xoto, and Jamie Garside. Since the video animation software’s inception, the team had already released three versions, the latter always an upgrade of the former. 

When the company started, they generated a revenue of about $500,000 in less than five days. By 2022, they hope that they could boost their earnings to a whopping $32 million. 

While the amount is big, I am not really surprised since rumors have it that even big brands such as Tesla use the service. 

Over the years, they have also created three pricing plans that suit different users, including agencies. I will cover more of these when we get to pricing plans. 

Who should use Viddyoze 3.0?

Anyone can use Viddyoze, but I think it is beneficial for the following people: 

  • Digital marketers – They can use videos in web content, landing pages, blogs, and other online marketing campaigns. Considering digital marketers handle many tasks, using software such as Viddyoze speeds up the video-creating and editing process without compromising quality. 
  • Beginner animators – Viddyoze can also be an excellent beginners’ tool for would-be animators. They can experiment, test their techniques, and improve their design and visuals without having to spend a lot of money on other programs.
  • Agencies – Viddyoze is a popular tool for many online and traditional marketing agencies because it is cheaper, more accessible, and more convenient. The platform also offers a more customized – and therefore more fitting – plan for their business.
  • Solo entrepreneurs – People who run their business by themselves need a program that streamlines the most daunting tasks, such as video creation and editing. 
  • Academia – Videos can be helpful for people in the education sector, including teachers and students. They are interactive, engaging, and effective they help boost the speed of learning. 
  • Virtual assistants – While not all virtual assistants are digital marketers, they also handle multiple tasks. That can include creating high-quality videos for the clients they are handling. 
  • Social media influencers – These individuals can use the finished product for marketing or serving the needs of their clients or advertisers. 
  • YouTube creators – What many people don’t get is that creating YouTube videos can take hours, if not days. Viddyoze can help create a shortcut. It’s amazing for newbie creators because they can learn editing along the way while generating good videos. This way, they can start promoting and earning money. 
  • People who want to earn income – Some Viddyoze plans allow subscribers to resell accounts.


Before getting to know what’s new in this Viddyoze 4.0, let’s recap its general features:

   ♦   Ground Breaking Live Action Animations

 ♦   Studio-Grade Intros & Logo Stings

♦   Stunning Social Actions

♦   Floating Social Animations

   ♦   Seamless Transitions

♦   Compelling Outros

♦   CTAs Overlay

♦   Appealing CTAs

♦   Professional Lower Thirds

♦   Movie filters

♦   ALPHA Technology

♦   Beautiful Branding

When you have professional actors and stunning models taking care of your first impression, your brand will look more high-class, more professional, and more like something people want to be part of.

With Viddyoze, you can add watermarks to all your videos than only YOU can remove, keeping them safer than with any other platform.

♦   Awesome Audio

Viddyoze’s templates has custom-created audio tracks to go with your visuals

♦   Cloud Computing

Viddyoze is in the cloud, and that means you can work from ANYWHERE. Your bed. The café. The beach.

♦   Commercial Licence

The license allows you to:

   [+]   Make high-class pro-videos to sell more products and services

   [+]   Raise your prices and establish yourself as a real professional

   [+]   Add a lucrative extra revenue steam by selling your animations

   [+]   Sell your desk and take Viddyoze on the road… it’s 100% cloud based, and built from the ground up to work on your mobile devices

Viddyoze Pricing Plans

Viddyoze offers three pricing plans:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Agency

Viddyoze pricing plans

Let’s discuss each:

Personal plan ($77, one-time payment)

  • Access to all features and live-action videos
  • Maximum of 30 renders monthly
  • Unlimited usage rights on personal videos
  • 170 professional templates
  • Customer support

Who Should Consider This? This plan is ideal for those who solo entrepreneurs, starting video creators, newbie animators, and small businesses. This is because of the limited number of renders available per month. 

Commercial plan ($97, one-time payment)

  • All the features and benefits of the Personal Plan
  • Unlimited renders and usage rights
  • Bonus 1: Reverse Sales Method (worth $197)
  • Bonus 2: YouTube Profits Elevator (worth #97)

Who Should Consider This? This is the better pick for a growing marketing agency, a solo digital marketer serving different clients or brands, virtual assistants, schools, social media influencers, and YouTube creators ready to upscale their brand fast. 

Agency plan (it varies)

  • Unlimited renders
  • Simultaneous renders (up to 10 at any time)
  • Access to thousands of templates
  • Access to brand-new animations each month
  • Ability to create teams
  • Unlimited groups and palettes
  • White-label technology
  • 1-click watermarking
  • Bespoke animation service

Who Should Consider This? Viddyoze claims that their Agency Plan is best for people ready to commit to huge success. According to the company, those who use it could earn as much as $20,000 per client or $500 per hour. Note that its price tag could reach $6,000 a year, so this can be capital intensive, especially for small businesses. 

Money-back Guarantee: Yes, 30 days 

Free Trial: None 

Customization: Yes, it’s possible for users to customize their plan according to their needs. For example, there’s the Viddyoze Template Club. You can access at least 1,200 templates under this subscription that costs $37 a month. You can also determine the number of renders you wish to do a month.

Viddyoze review 2021: pros and cons

Like any other software, you can either love or hate Viddyoze. For the sake of transparency and fairness, let’s break down its pros and cons.

Just a disclaimer: this is based on my experience and the reviews I’ve seen on the site and online. 

Viddyoze pros and cons


1. It is affordable and sensible

One of the reasons that attract me to Viddyoe is the price point. Compare these prices to Vyond, whose plans can range from a staggering $299 to $999 a year! There’s also a different rate for an Enterprise Plan, which you can expect to be ridiculously expensive. 

An animation software called Powtoon offers a free plan, and you can create videos up to 3 minutes in HD, but the list of features remains limited. It also doesn’t have live-action videos. The Pro to Agency Plans are more affordable than those of Viddyoze, but the benefits are so-so. 

Viddyoze also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and currently offers a lifetime license access for the same price of an annual Commercial Plan. I also like the fact you can further customize your plan, adding services or products as your needs change. 

2. It lets you capitalize on video marketing

Video marketing is the best thing that’s ever happened in digital marketing – no question. Just check out these statistics from WordStream. Marketers who use them grow their revenues 49% more quickly than those who don’t use videos in their strategies. 

Companies that use videos for branding can also boost their engagement by 258% on Facebook and nearly 100% on YouTube. Just wow! 

But creating videos takes a lot of time and can be expensive if you hire a professional to do it. The ongoing rate for an animator, for example, can already reach $150 an hour!

With Viddyoze, usersfrom solo entrepreneurs to agencies, can cut back on labor and other expenses. They may no longer need to invest in more pieces of equipment or platforms. Since Viddyoze is in the cloud, then users need not buy more space for their PCs or pay for newer upgrades. 

3. Viddyoze is easy to use and versatile

I admit that since I am more familiar with video creation and editing, Viddyoze was easy-peasy for me. However, reading other people’s reviews, I can confirm that this is such an easy-to-use platform. 

Viddyoze is easy to use

The interface is clean, and customizing the videos can take less than a minute or two, depending on your preparation and personalization needed. When you like a template and wish to use it later, click on the heart button. 

You can also sort the templates according to ratings and read reviews. The icon also indicates the components you can customize and the number of images, number of characters you can type, how many tracks, and the number of colors you can change. 

4. There is more than one pathway to earn

Of course, you can use the videos for marketing. That will already help you generate icome, but Viddyoze offers other methods of earning. 

One, you can create videos with reseller licenses and then sell your work online. It can be as cheap as $10 or as much as $30. It all depends on the quality of your edits. 

Second, you can start your YouTube channel with these videos. You can make in-demand videos such as explainers, how-tos, and animation series. 

You can also use this tool to expand your list of services or help you shift to a different career, like an animator or graphics designer. 

sell your videos on fiverr


1. Don’t look for a free trial

Unlike other video animation platforms, this doesn’t have a free trial. For some users, this option still matters. Not everyone likes to go through a refund process if they don’t like the service. 

On a personal note, Viddyoze doesn’t really need a free trial version since the plans are affordable. You can also customize your subscription plan according to your budget and needs. 

2. The templates are limited for commercial and personal plans

When Viddyoze started, they had only 30 templates. Today, you can already choose among 170 options, and they’re adding more into their library.

However, this number still pales in comparison to the 1,200 templates for those with an agency account. Otherwise, you need to subscribe to the Viddyoze Template Club, and that’s an additional expense. 

3. This isn’t for those who like to have their own videos

The beauty of Viddyoze is it’s simple and easy to use. The template is there, and all you need to do is to change some of the elements to fit your needs.

But this benefit may not appeal to veteran video creators and fussy clients who demand a more specific type of video. You can opt for a bespoke service, but it could cost you more.

Viddyoze social animations

4. Claims of possible earnings are not guaranteed

While I find Viddyoze extremely helpful, and I have no doubt that the software can help people earn, I don’t like companies that make specific claims on earnings. So just be forewarned: your actual income may be different from what Viddyoze boasts of.


What can you glean from this Viddyoze 3.0 review? One, this video animation software is the perfect complement for those who wish to take advantage of the popularity of video marketing but don’t have the skill or the huge capital. 

The price is affordable even if you choose the Agency Plan (but that’s if you’re ready to scale your business big-time). 

It just makes video editing so easy that even those who haven’t tried it can do it from the get-go. The finished products are usually excellent quality and professional-looking. 

Meanwhile, if you demand more customizations or more comprehensive videos, this isn’t the right one for you. However, be prepared to spend a lot.

30 Day Money Back

Try out Viddyoze today while the opportunity to lock in unlimited access for a fraction of the public price is still available.

Test Viddyoze out for 30 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied, for any reason, simply send one email to our friendly support team and we’ll refund you 100% of your investment here today without hesitation. That’s a promise.

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